Kennel Support at Dogs Day Out/CGPR for the Hurricane Evacuees

Thanks for the positive feedback and interest in helping us care for our guests from Charleston! If you are able, we still need volunteers for some shifts:

If you are not able to volunteer but want to help, we accept donations via PayPal through the Donate tab at and checks sent to Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue, 2015 Fawnbrooke Dr., Indian Trail, NC 28079. We will post needs for specific items here on Facebook as they arise.

As of the afternoon of 10/12, we can use towels, blankets, and HE liquid detergent. We are stocked on toys and treats. Please DON’T bring us dog food. We are feeding the dogs a consistent diet. Donations will cover the cost of food.

Animal rescue asking for public’s help after taking in 44 dogs during Hurricane Matthew

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (FOX 46) - A local rescue took in 44 dogs seeking shelter from Hurricane Matthew. Now, they are calling for volunteers and need help rebuilding their destroyed facilities.

HF Helps Inc., a dog rescue in Charleston, evacuated with a truck full of canines Friday. But as they were in route, the shelter they planned to go to could no longer take the dogs. Stranded on the highway, the dogs had no place to go.

“It was dark, pouring rain, they were terrified,” Amy Miller, a volunteer, said. 

That’s when Shannon Meeham, owner of Dogs Day Out Pet Resort in Indian Trail, took in 44 furry storm refugees.

“If it wouldn’t have been for her, we would have all been in trouble, especially the dogs,” Miller said.

Now, Meeham told FOX 46 Charlotte her biggest concern is finding more volunteers to help care for all the additional rescues. Meeham is also runs a grooming salon and stands as President of Carolina Great Pyreenes Rescue.

“My staff can’t handle this many dogs, we are prepared for it on major holidays,” Meeham explained. “But this time of the year we are not prepared to handle this many dogs.”

Miller and a team of volunteers will travel to HF Helps Inc. in Ladson, South Carolina to help rebuild the dog kettles Hurricane Matthew damaged.

“They have lost a good chunk of their fence of their property, they’ve has a tree fall on the roof,” Meeham said. “They have got some flooding and internal damage to their facility.”

Miller told FOX 46 Charlotte HF Helps Inc. takes great care of the dogs that other rescues won’t take, often dogs with medical and behavioral problems, or dogs old in age.

“Rescue is supposed to be about people helping dogs and people helping people, but these guys step up for dogs every day that know else will help,” Miller said. “We have got to come together and make it happen.”

To sign up for volunteering with rescues at Dogs Day Out, CLICK HERE.

To donate to rebuild HF Help Dog Rescue, CLICK HERE.

Hurricane Matthew dog ‘refugees’ need your help


Help is needed for 72 Hurricane Matthew dog “refugees” staying at kennels in Mooresville and Indian Trail.

During the storm, volunteers moved the dogs from the H.F. Help Inc. animal rescue shelter in Ladson, S.C., near Charleston. Matthew extensively damaged the shelter’s fencing, kennels and dog runs, and repairs could take several weeks.

The “Palmetto Dogs,” as volunteers affectionately call them, were taken last Friday to Charlotte area boarding kennels and animal rescue centers.

Dogs Day Out Grooming and Pet Resort on Fawnbrooke Drive in Indian Trail is boarding 44 of the dogs. The others are at Ike’s Dog Pub Stay & Play on Consumer Square Drive in Mooresville and Buddy’s Bed & Biscuit on Nagle Drive in Indian Trail.

Several local groups have mustered volunteers to help with the dogs, including South Charlotte Dog Rescue, Carolina Pyr Rescue, Pawsitive Impact NC, Hope for All Dogs and the Greater Charlotte SPCA. But many more volunteers are needed, and so are people interested in adopting the dogs.

Volunteers help with daily feeding, exercise and cleaning, especially at Dogs Day Out. Shifts are no more than two hours, at 7 a.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. daily through Monday.

Volunteers can sign up at

Photos of most of the adoptable “Palmetto Dogs” are featured on the Facebook page ofSaved by a Flash, a non-profit photography organization.

Interested adopters should fill out an adoption application on H.F. Help’s website.

Supplies are needed at Dogs Day Out, Ike’s and Buddy’s, including towels; blankets; Tide Detergent Original HE Liquid; metal dog bowls, the plainest kind with no bottom lips, all sizes; and treats for dogs and the humans helping.

Donations can be made to H.F. Help Inc via its website or by PayPal using the email address

Howloween Pawty at Dog’s Day Out

$10 entry fee includes food from Crazy Mike’s, Costume Contest and 50/50 raffle!  Hosted by Dogs Day Out Grooming and Pet Resort, Carolina Pyr Rescue, and Safe Haven Animal Rescue Inc

Howloween Pawty

Howloween Pawty

Show your Pyr-pride!

Show your Pyr-pride! We are excited to announce that we have stickers, magnets, and t-shirts featuring our logo for sale. Click the “Store” button on our above menu- or you can click HERE to go right now! To celebrate, the first 25 t-shirts ordered will get a free CGPR logo sticker!

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Super Adoption Saturday!

This gallery contains 4 photos.

We sent four Pyrs to their forever homes yesterday! Do you follow CGPR on Facebook?  Like us and see even more of what we are doing in our continuing work to find healthy homes for these gentle giants.  

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Goliath Update 2

Shannon and Goliath

Shannon and Goliath

Shannon Meehan and Goliath this morning at the rescue. He is adjusting so well. This Pyr is our miracle dog.

Goliath Update

First, the good news–Shannon went to visit Goliath this morning. He was awake, eating, drinking, and walking. She brought him several plush toys, and he went bananas. He will continue to recover at the clinic before coming to the kennels next week.

Now, the great news–you, our generous donors, have paid his bill in full in less than two days! Thank you!Goliath this morning at the rescue. He is adjusting so well. This Pyr is our miracle dog.

Goliath needs your help



Yesterday, Shannon, CGPR’s president, received a call about a Pyr named Goliath in urgent need of care. Goliath’s left rear leg had been caught up in a wire tie-out, and he sustained serious injuries resulting from limb strangulation. This happened weeks ago. His wound became severely infected, and his former owners did not seek veterinary care until yesterday. In the meantime, Goliath chewed off his foot below the joint. His lower leg is a mess of exposed bone and tendons.

Once released into our care, we brought him to our veterinarian, where he is currently receiving a blood transfusion from one of the other Pyrs in rescue. Part of his left leg now needs to be amputated. The surgeon hopes to be able to save enough of his leg so that he can be fitted with a prosthetic in the future. Shannon met Goliath yesterday afternoon. He is young (under two years old) and otherwise healthy. In spite of his injuries, he is happily greeting each new person attending him and hopping around on his three good legs with a wagging tail. We are committed to providing Goliath with the veterinary care and the loving forever home he deserves.

Once again, we need your help. The estimated cost of Goliath’s amputation is $2,000. We ask for your donations to cover his care. We accept donations online through PayPal:

On the page where you review your gift before clicking the gold “Donate” button, please enter Goliath’s name in the address box. If you would like a receipt, please enter your name and address as well. We also accept checks made out to Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue sent to 4015 Fawnbrooke Dr., Indian Trail, NC 28079. Please note Goliath’s name in the memo. We will provide updates as we learn more about Goliath’s needs. Keep checking our Facebook page for the most current information.

Goliath Update: He’s out of surgery. The infection was too severe to save his leg, and the veterinarian had to fully remove it. Goliath is awake and wagging his tail, however. He’ll recover there through the weekend.

Goliath after his successful amputation surgery 07/02/2016

Goliath after his successful amputation surgery 07/02/2016